Q-Clūb™ Membership

An all-in-one solution to TrūIQ’s life-changing ecosystem.

As an Active Member of TrūIQ®, TrūQoin® holders are automatically enrolled in Q-Clūb Connect™, a free service that includes the storage of your wallet address within your Team Office, unlimited access to TrūIQ’s extensive library of “DIY’ training videos and standard TrūIQ® and TrūQoin® phone support.

For a more immersive experience into the world of cryptocurrency, without having to become an expert in blockchain technologies, TrūIQ offers its members two additional levels of Q-Clūb, each tailored to fit your experience, needs, and wants. Your participation in Q-Clūb is guaranteed to increase your understanding of, and involvement in, the new and exciting word of cryptocurrency, NFT’s, smart contract, Web3, DAO’s and much – much more.

NOTE:  We do not sell cryptocurrency through this site.


All the Q-Club Connect™ benefits outlined above
Includes wallet storage, DIY video library and unlimited phone support.
TrūQoin Account Retrieval Services™
Securely store and in emergencies, retrieve ALL of your TrūQoin account information.
Priority TrūIQ and TrūQoin Desktop support
Live desktop sharing with a TrūIQ specialist (by appointment).
Pays Weekly & Monthly Commissions
As per the TrūIQ Fusion Pay Plan™. See plan for details
10CV 45CV 90CV
No-Fee Exchange
Purchase/Swap TrūQoin (and other approved cryptocurrencies) on TrūSWAP+™ with no TruSwap transaction fees. 
Supplemental TrūQoin/TrūPoints™
Receive supplemental TrūPoints each time your Qualified Smart Ship is processed. Accumulated TrūPoints are used to award additional TrūQoin (TRQ), at the close of each block2.
(6 TRQ)
Additional Coin Reward (ACR) 
A promotional award, where TRQ is deposited into the Miner’s wallet at the end of every block.
Prime Product (Smart Ship)
Choose from CBX4 (Original, Mint or Cinnamon), Silky Smooth, and MYKRO at up to a 33% savings, or the equivalent amount (which is approximatly $70) of TruQoins.3
TrūIQ & TrūQoin Exclusive 1-Click Support
With the click of a button, immediately reach trained experts for all things TrūIQ and TrūQoin. (No appointment needed.)
TrūCard International VISA® Debit Card
Transfer commissions and TrūQoin to an International VISA debit card.
(Launching Q2, 2023).
TrūQoin University™: Advanced Information & Education
The latest education and hands-on experience in TrūQoin, blockchain technologies, (cryptocurrency, NFTs, DAOs), governance and more.
Retail Value
Retail Value
Retail Value
1) No Fees Exchange: No TruSwap exchange fee. Other fees may be assessed by your wallet or Exchange of choice.
2) Supplemental TrūPoints Calculation: The amount of TruQoin, is determined by the number of TruPoints awarded (as listed in the above TruQoin Chart) and is updated on or around the 1st of every month. Calculation: [1-TRQ ÷ Current CPP (0.11581) = 8.63] [8.63 X 6 TRQ = 53.58 Points) (@ $12.62/coin) = $75.72). The Target amount in US dollars is approximately 35%-45% of the cost of each Pack.
3) Prime Product (Smart Ship): The number of TrūQoin is determined by ($70 SS Value ÷ Current TruQoin Spot Rate=TRQ Awarded). Spot rate for TrūQoin (TRQ) is available at TruSwap.plus, or any one of the other swapping sites or exchanges where (TRQ) is listed.
Benefits, features, and rewards are as of 05/11/2023 and may be updated, removed, or modified at any time by TrūIQ. TrūQoin Mining Cooperative is a separately owned and operated Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) whose governance is managed by TrūQoin stakeholders.
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Current members call 888-777-6864 to upgrade.

Most Asked Questions

Yes.  Members of TruIQ Global® are automatically enrolled in Q-Club Connect, and once enrolled, can enroll others in TruIQ for free and then set up that new members in Q-Club Protect™ or Q-Club Prime™.

Yes.  You can either change/update your selected Smart Ship item from either your Team Office (back office) or by calling Members Services at 801-987-0901.

It depends on which country you legally reside.
In the US, Canada, and most of the EU for example, a Qualifying 90+CV “consumable” item/product is required by law. In other emerging markers, (i.e. most Asia-Pacific countries and territories), consumable products may not be required. In this scenario, the amount assigned for the Qualifying Product, may be substituted for additional Supplemental TrūQoin/TrūPoints™
Check with your Sponsor or call Member Services at 888-777-6864, for additional information.